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Wedding Cake


Our doves are available for display during Wedding Ceremonies, Reception and/or Release at the time of the Bride & Grooms Departure.​

Greet your guest with the sites and sounds of a pair of beautiful fantail white doves. The heavenly sounds of soft cooing doves brings a peaceful feeling of nature, into the ceremonial sanctuary, performed by as choir of God's little white feathered creatures.​

Releasing a pair of white doves, is symbolic of the bride and groom as they embark on their new life together.​

The doves draw eyes up to the Heavens, as they gracefully spread their wings, full of hope and promise.​

Then the sounds of a joyous flutter of wings can be heard, as three more doves take flight, inviting the Trinity into their Holy Union, and to accompany them, on their journey through life.

White Doves Release Symbolizes...

Our doves are pure white.  This represents the bride and groom as they begin their life’s journey together in purity and with no regrets of their past.

A wedding ceremony begins a journey of two lives working together for life’s happiness.  The actions of the doves demonstrate this beautifully.  Once released, the doves fly higher and higher together as they seek their way home.

While still separate, they work as a team until they can find their bearings.  Once they discover the direction they need to travel, these beautiful white doves climb to greater and greater heights. 

Similarly, a bride and groom do not know what the future holds for them.  Their path may change many times along the way, but with faith and love they will find their way together.  Just as our doves have the instinct to find their way home, the wedding couple will always know where “home” is, as home is wherever they are together.

Wedding Packages

Two Dove Release 

Wedding Party Release

Customized Release

Table Display

Two wedding doves are released by the Bride and Groom (with our help and under our direct supervision) in an outside setting of your choice.

We can provide white gloves(request at time of booking)  for the ceremonial wedding dove release.  You’ll also find us dressed for your occasion.

Our Doves may be released directly upon exiting the wedding ceremony or when your wedding photos are taken.  

If you like, we can display the wedding doves from before the start of the ceremony, so guests may view the pair in a beautiful, ornate cage upon arrival for your wedding ceremony.

We also offer a Wedding Party Dove Release in which all of the members of your wedding party release wedding doves.

All of your wedding party members will be thrilled with participating and have a life-long memory – and guests will enjoy the large group release.

We bring white gloves 9request at time of booking) if the wedding party wishes to use them.

This release may occur any time after the wedding ceremony (or during the ceremony for outdoor weddings) or when your wedding photos are taken.

We will work with you to adapt the display and/or release special.

The safety and health of our Birds of Peace is the only limiting factor. Releases must be scheduled with at least two hours of daylight left, and we reserve the right not to release in severe weather.

We look forward to helping you ensure your special day engenders wonderful memories for a lifetime.

To make your wedding the most special day of your life, customize your dove release with a beautiful poem or song to be read or sung at the time of release.  This extra touch will awe your guests and turn your wedding into a day no one will ever forget.

We offer several dove display options, including our beautiful Indian Fantails. We including a variety of baskets and cages that will help enhance the setting on your special day.

Pricing is based on the type of event and release, number of doves, and the distance.

Asked Questions about
Dove Releases

Contact  All Things Feathered for more information about Dove Releases.

Wedding Embrace

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Consider giving the gift of a dove release as the perfect wedding gift for the ones you love.

Doves select only one mate for life, which is the perfect symbolism of marriage.  In fact, the releasing of pure white doves is an ancient ritual that symbolizes many of the elements of married life.
While All Things Feathered will always be present to help administer the event, those involved may even choose to hold and release the doves themselves at the specified time.   We'll show you how. 

Contact All Things Featherd today to learn more! 

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