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  • What happens to the birds when they are released?
    When released, our doves normally circle the area a few times in formation, before acquiring their bearings and flying home. Once home, they are rewarded with fresh water and food.
  • Can I have a white dove release anywhere?
    There are some areas we will not release our birds. For a safe dove release, the area must be free of overhead wires and sufficiently open to allow the doves freedom of flight. If you have an unusual request, please contact us. We have some general guidelines that include the following: A dove release should be done at least two hours prior to sunset. This is to give the birds the chance to return to their loft since they will lose their navigational ability after the sun sets. A dove release should not be done during inclement weather. A dove release will only be done outdoors.
  • How do they know where their home is?
    We begin handling our birds at just a few weeks of age and homing training starts about 8 weeks later. Initially we start with small distances and then build up to longer flights.
  • Who releases the doves?
    All Things Feathered is always present at the time of release. Our professional staff, is courteous, reliable, and dressed appropriately for your occasion. We never ship the birds to be released. However, various people can hold and enjoy the thrill of releasing the doves with our guidance. We currently do not allow small children to release a dove for both the child's and birds safety. It is at the discretion of All Things Feathered to determine if a child is able to participate in a release.
  • How does the weather affect a dove release?
    If the weather is inclement, then the release will be cancelled and no fee will be assessed. Also, a release cannot take place less then 2 hours before sundown, so the birds have time to fly home. Generally no release is performed after 5 p.m.
  • Can I hold a dove?
    Yes. We will show you how. Representatives from All Things Feathered are always on hand and will guide guests in holding and releasing the doves at the proper moment. Prior to the release the holders will be given instructions on how to safely handle the birds. Our doves are easily handled, and the experience of sending one winging on its way skyward can be quite thrilling.
  • Do I need to worry about doves going to the bathroom during a release?
    We pick the best birds for that day. They are trained birds and have not responded that way in any release. The actual release only lasts but a few moments, so the chances of this happening are very unlikely.
  • What information do I need to hire your white doves release service for funerals?
    You need to know the date, time and place where the service will be done. We request the estimated timing details of the service. For example if the release will be at funeral home or grave side. How far the graveside site is from the funeral site etc. This helps us with our timing for set up so we are ready.
  • How is the payment made?
    We will send you an invoice. You are able to pay in Cash, Check, Debit & Credit. Depending on the event booking will determine the date of deposit or payment in full options.
  • What time will you arrive at the place of service / event?
    We will plan to arrive at the destination early enough to be set up and ready for your event. Our staff will have the birds, decor, displays and any other needed equipment precisely set up for you.
  • How many white doves can I hire?
    Depending on the need of the family can be at least 2 and up to a maximum of 30 doves. (We will be adding more dove to the flock soon)
  • Who can release the white doves?
    With a short handling training chat with our staff, each family member and / or friends can, if they wish, take the doves to release them. Up to 4 dove can be hand released. If more dove are requested they can be released together from one of our release baskets. (Children are only allowed to handle and release at the discretion of our trained staff, sorry)
  • When are doves released at a wedding?
    It can be done at any time during an outdoor wedding. If it is a church affair, dove releases for weddings are typically performed after the couple exits the church to greet their guests.
  • What is the release area for your dove releases?
    Within an 30 mile radius of North Florida near Lake City.

Gift Certificates

Want to give the gift of a white dove release for the wedding of the couple you love, or perhaps for that special anniversary or event? At All Things Feathered, we will be happy to prepare a gift certificate for the appropriate Dove Release package.

Terms and Conditions for Gift Certificate Redemption

  •  We release only white birds that have been properly cared for and trained.

  • The location of the event must be within 30 miles of Lake City, FL.

  • All Things Feathered reserves the right to make the final decision to cancel the release. We will not release our birds in rain, fog, high wind, or any other acts of nature with the safety of the birds coming first.

  • Birds will not be released at night (must be at least two hours prior to sunset).  We will not release the birds at indoor events, and we do not ship birds for self-release.  The birds will not be released if there is any danger to their safety.  This includes loose animals or overhead wires (at the discretion of All Things Feathered).

  • The event date and time must be scheduled at least two months in advance and must be agreed upon by All Things Feathered.

  • The release must take place within 30 minutes of the scheduled time.

  • If the release is canceled by All Things Feathered due  to inclement weather or other act of nature, the person named on this certificate will be entitled to the cash value of the certificate.

  • If the scheduled release is canceled by the certificate holder at any time, this certificate will be void and no cash will be issued by All Things Feathered.

Contact All Things Feathered today to learn how practical and affordable it is to add the heartfelt touch of a live dove release to your memorable occasion.

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