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White Dove carrying olive leaf branch on Beautiful light and lens flare .Freedom concept a

Funerals & Memorials

All Things Feathered, provides professional white dove release services in Lake City and around 30-mile radius area for Funerals and Memorials. Please give us a call to Reserve! 

White Dove Release at Funerals

For centuries, the White Dove has been a symbol of the Holy Spirit, love, peace, hope and the soul. In n the context of a funeral, they illustrate the desire that we have for our loved one to rest peacefully. Additionally, doves are also symbols of the soul. The flight of the white dove parallels that of the soul and its journey to its eternal home of peace and purity.

Our doves are appropriate not only for funerals but also for memorials. They serve as a reminder that our loved ones have been freed from the bondage of this world, and are now seeing new horizons. They inspire in the beholders a sense of the sublime, which will enrich their memories as nostalgia and reminiscence surge to the forefront of their minds.

White doves have symbolized the Holy Spirit, love, peace, hope, and the soul. A White Dove Release offers a soothing touch in a time of sadness and sorrow. It leaves those present with a feeling of hope for their recently departed loved one. 

Dove Release Package

Prior to the release, dove displays can be placed alongside of the casket as an alternative to flowers, with a special personalized note attached to the cage.  At funerals and memorials, the dove release memorial is the final part of the service.  The release is often accompanied by a heart-felt poem that is read by a close family member or clergy/official.

We offer the following packages.

Trinity Release.jpg

Trinity Release

Three dove released by three family members or from a release basket representing the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit.  

Family Doves.jpg

Family Release

A Family Dove Release involves the flight of one dove being held by each family member of the deceased. Up to 12 to be handed out.


Angel Release

An Angel Dove Release involves releasing one dove by hand representing the departed soul.  Following the single release of 5, 10, 20 or more doves rising into the skies representing angels carrying the soul to Heaven.  The flight of doves released is up to your discretion.


Military Release

This armed services memorial is very special to us – A free service is offered by All Things Feathered for active military and armed service personnel.  There are 21 birds released after the playing of taps and a moment of silence.  Contact  All Things Feathered for further information.


Local Heroes Release

This release is very similar to our Military Release, but conceived especially in memorial for fallen heroes such as our local active law enforcement and fire fighting personnel. Contact  All Things Feathered for further information.

More Information

Pricing is based on the type of event and release, number of doves, and the distance.

Asked Questions about
Dove Releases

Contact  All Things Feathered for more information about Dove Releases.

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