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The releasing of white doves has become a beautiful way to enhance your special occasion. Whether it be at the funeral of a loved one with a trinity release representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, or a release at a wedding symbolizing the uniting of a new Bride and Groom.    

Our doves are available for display and/or release at wedding ceremonies, memorials, visitations, funerals, graveside services, proms, baby showers, gender reveals, birthday parties, graduations and retirements. We would love to enhance any event where you would like to add your own expression of elegance, grace, peace, love and joy.

Contact us today and allow us to help you create a beautiful lasting memory.
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Dove Releases for ANY Occasion

White Dove Releases are the perfect added touch to weddings, funerals, proposals, graduations, or any special occasion.

  • Throughout time, doves have been used in all types of ceremonies, events and even wars.

  • Doves represent eternal life, love, peace, faith, purity, happiness, and unity. 

  • A wedding dove release symbolizes peace, serenity, and new beginnings. 

  • A dove release is environmentally friendly, as the performance of our winged friends is always "recyclable."

Carry on this timeless tradition with your next special event.  The image of white doves will make your special occasion one that will never be forgotten.

 Contact All Things Feathered today to learn how practical and affordable it is to add the exhilaration of a live dove release to your next event.

Unforgettable Moments

Dove releases are often accompanied with music, or preceded by poems and readings performed by those at the event.

Seeing white doves soar into the sky and circle overhead provides a breathtaking experience for all those present.  Dove releases help make that special day memorable in a timeless, emotional way that is sure to tug at your heartstrings for years afterward.

Day Of the Release

The process of a dove release is quite simple.  White birds are released into the sky at a selected time during your special event.  These birds have their own natural, built in GPS system that guides them home after much precise training.  They love to fly and use their natural skills.

On the day of the event, the birds will be released at your desired time in a predetermined and safe location.  The number of white birds can vary from 2 or more of our beautiful White Rock Dove.

All Things Feathered have 50 plus trained birds which are hand selected the day of your event to ensure the most qualified birds will be performing. 

The cost depends on the number of birds desired.  It is truly a beautiful site when white birds ascend into the sky together at the opportune time. 

All Things Feathered are professionals and are 100% reliable, on time, and are dressed appropriately for your special occasion.

Contact All Things Feathered today to learn how practical and affordable it is to add the exhilaration of a live dove release to your next event.

Why Choose Us?

These are many reasons why most families in North Florida area prefer our service:

Commitment and Always on Time!

You are our first Priority and we do all possible to be always on time and ready to Serve You!

Lot of Doves, High Availability!

We have enough doves to cover multiple events at the same time. Please call us to Reserve Yours!

Always Healthy and Clean Doves

We use always nice pure white healthy doves and fully trained to fly back home!

Experienced Handlers

Our Team of Experts are trained to provide the Best Dove Release Experience Possible!

Service Area

In Florida, All Things Feathered is currently serving customers in a 30 mile radius of North Central Florida near Lake City.  We are proud to offer our celebrated dove release services to the cities of Lake City, Lake Butler, Live Oak, Jennings, Jasper,  Mayo, White Springs and surrounding areas.

AND SOON to add areas within a 50 mile radius.....


We will not release our doves indoors, at night, or at a range beyond which they are able to fly safely home. Nor will we release in certain weather conditions, such as rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, extreme heat and fog. During such conditions, birds cannot be released. The safety of our birds comes first. Sorry, no exceptions.

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